Revolutionizing Digital Emotions
First Blockchain Render Protocol for Personalizable Content Marketplace.
Now, anyone can earn PEP by renting compute power even on a smart phone.
Now, anyone can earn PEP by renting compute power even on a smart phone.
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PEP Network's Vision
PEP Network's vision is to serve visually rich, emotionally engaging and runtime personalizable content which pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content. Animojis, Live Stickers & Camera AR Lens are happening now. Existing content marketplaces lack ability to personalise and are closed and stuck with outdated business models with unfair economics for Creators, Consumers & Developers.
PEP Network brings a new standard to this industry, transforming the existing business model to be more powerful, transparent, scalable across different markets. This is only possible due to our innovations around Blockchain, AI and Distributed Rendering.
The Ecosystem
PEP Network brings Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Farmers together in a collaborative and remunerative content economy. Empowered with a new block chain based distributed render protocol, PEP Network is set to revolutionise the Personalized Content Economy.
Introducing Blockchain Render Protocol
PEP Network introduces a new blockchain based protocol for all its render and compute needs. What is revolutionary is that anyone with any amount of spare compute power can now become a render farmer on the PEP Network & earn. That means that render farming is now possible even if you have a mid-high end smartphone, not necessarily a high-end server. Render farmers form the core of the PEP Network, keeping the cost of realtime personalized rendering low.
Innovative Technology
3D Tech
"Breathes Life Into Emotionally Bankrupt Digital Communication"

Pep Content is crafted using customizable rig, skeletal & facial animations with real-time
rendering 3D Technology
"Interact With Your Digital Avatar
in Real World"
PEP Technology will make digital
avatars appear in real world space
for creating unique experiences
"Pushes the Limits on True Personalization"
Using AI & ML,PEP Technology will extract salient features from your
photo & design a digital avatar
exclusive to you
Why Blockchain
No Middleman
No commission, full value transfer to
artist & developers
Value transfer via blockchain
guarantees no loss
Copyright Storage
All content details and its exchange details
are immutably stored in the
Render Farm
Distributed rendering capability
utilizing millions of idle CPUs & GPUs
for efficient,renumerative rendering
and kept track of by the blockchain
Global Reach
Decentralised Content Eco-system,
where artists create, developers
build & users express
Funds transparently allocated in
accordance with pre-determined
The smart contract model ensures
tokens are transferred to influencers
once the task is complete
Launched Xpresso
Chrome Plugins, Telegram Bot
1 AR Partner Signed,
400k Users
2 Messaging, Keyboard
Apps, Bot-Studio, 16M users.
Render Farming, ad-studio,
25M users
Photo-Avatar,50M Users
Next Billion Users !
Mobigraph Inc
(jul 2015)
Launched Qugo
(Jun 2016)
ICO Token Presale
ICO Token Sale end, Wallet Integration
Xpresso, API to developers - 500k Users.
1 keyboard partner, Content
Studio, 2m users.
Content Re-sell,
Render Farming Mobile,
100M Users
Launch Xpresso
Chrome Plugin,Telegram
1 AR Partner Signed,
400k Users
2 Messaging,Keyboard
Apps,Bot-Studio,16M users.
Render Farming,ad-studio,
25M users
Photo-Avatar,50M Users
Next Billion Users !
2015 - 2016
Mobigraph Inc
(Jul 2015)
Launched QUGO
(Jun 2016)
ICO Token Presale
ICO Token Sale end,
Wallet Integration Xpresso,
API to developers -500k
1 keyboard partner ,Content
Studio,2m users.
Content Re-sell,
Render Farming Mobile,
100M Users
Sale Stages
Public Pre SalePre SaleTBA10%-20% Bonus
Public SaleSaleTBANo Bonus
$30 M
Hard Cap
Total Number of Pep
Pep for Sale
Token Allocation
50% Pre & Public Sales
15% Platform Rewards & Incentives
15% Team
6% ICO Expenses
5% Bonuses
5% Reserved
4% Future Stakeholders & Advisors
Fund Allocation
40% R&D, Achieving Roadmap milestones
30% Marketing & PR
18% Operational Expenses
5% Legal, Tax & misc
7% Reserves for Future Use
Meet the Team
Udayakumar Kadirvel
CEO & Co-Founder
Innovator with 2 Patents | 18+
Years Experience in Product &
Business Leadership | Head of
Graphics at Samsung | Key
Contributions towards
Samsung's Mobile growth to
World No 1 | Bachelor of
Computer Science | Product
Siddhartha Vinnakote
CTO & Co-Founder
Patent Owner | 12+ Years Experience
in Technical Leadership | Chief
Engineer at Samsung | Software
shipped in Billion
phones | Mobile & 3D Graphics
Expert | Masters of Technology
from IIIT | Tech
Sujith kumar C R
Chief Strategist & Co-Founder
Patent Owner | 19+ Years experience
in Product leadership | Senior Chief
Architect at Samsung | Key Products
shipped in Billion phones |
Expert in Solution
Architects,Computer Vision ,
Imaging & Rendering |
Bachelor of Computer
Subrhmanyam A S
CPO & Co-Founder
Patent Owner | 13+ Years
experience in Product leadership
| Principal Architect at
Samsung | Key Products shipped
in Billion phones | Technologist
& Expert in Mobile Stack | Bachelor of
Information Technology | Product
Rakesh Nanda
Creative Director
An Award Winning Animation
Filmmaker,Comic Artist and
illustrator | 6 Years+
Experience in Creative | Masters in
Animation and Film Design
from IIT Bombay |
Govind Malehithlu
Advisor at Boon Tech | 22
Years of Experience in Sales &
Business Development | Director
of Sales at ALTEN
Calsoft | Over $50million Revenue
Generation | Smart Savvy
Huslter | Strategic Marketing
& Lead Generation
Palanikumar Thangapandian
Cloud Expert & Blockchain Geek
Innovator with 5 Patents | 14+
Years Experience in Cloud &
Server Technologies | Senior
Cloud Architect at HP | Architected
Revolutionary Cloud Printing for
300M Printers | Tech Geek
| Master in Technology,
Sanjeeth Boloor
Head of Marketing
Over 18 Years of Experience
in Marketing & Communications |
Country Marketing &
Communication at Freescale |
Involved in Marketing Top
Brands Toyota,
Microsoft,Wipro |
Media Management
Advisory Board
Eduard Dzhamgaryan
Strategic,Marketing & Crypto Advisor
Entrepreneur, CBDO |ICObox|
ICO Analyst/ Advisor| CEO and
Founder of GMPay, ICO,TGE,
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency,
Fintech Enthusiast|
Member of Advisory Board
- Genie, TravelChain, Micromoney
Spunky Hwang
CEO of Bitgosu,World's biggest crypto family
#1 crypto currency influencer
in South Korea|
Entrepreneur for 15 years |
Crypto Investor |
E-Sports professional gamer |
co-founder of the world’s
largest online poker
network GGnetwork
Andrey Verbitsky
Token Economy Architect
Modelling Token Economy|
Designed 80+Tokens
Advising companies on Blockchain
Strategy| Value proposition
to Business,Investors,
founders & users|20+years
in Telco| Product management
& Consulting
Mark Lin
Cloud & Security Advisor Infrastructure Manager at EverString
Ex-Google | Blockchain enthusiast |
Expertise in Cloud infra|
App Infra | Machine learning|
Admob Inc | Google Inc |
Marc Richardson
Advisor on Brand Partnerships GM
at Kika Tec
15+ years in Media|
Disney,AOL * Kika Tech|
International Business
Management|Partnerships with
Brands,Hollywood studios,
Sports Franchise &
Content Studio
B Dweik
Business Strategy Advisor Director of Marketing Lattice SemiConducto
Semiconductor Professional |
Product Marketing Computer
Architecture I/O Technologies|
Machine Learning Artificial
Intelligence| FPGA, Gate Arrays,
ASIC | DesignVision Award |
DFI winning DesginVision
Award DesignCon 2007| Memoir
Systems| Lattice Semiconductor
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